Frequently Asked Questions

Can matted fur cause problems for my pet?

A mat is basically a mass of tangled hair, but might also be comprised of burrs or barbs from plants, particles of skin, dander or other debris. Sometimes mats start quite close to the pet’s skin, making it very difficult, if not impossible, to see the skin beneath.  A matted coat can:

  • cause and hide skin that is red, irritated, swollen or cracked
  • conceal the presence of fleas or other pests
  • make it impossible to determine in advance the presence of any moles, scabs, or other conditions on the pet’s skin
  • prevent a pet’s skin from completely drying if it becomes wet, a situation that is also conducive to causing skin problems.

Furthermore, the grooming process necessary to remove the matted coat may aggravate the pet’s skin.

What will you do with my pet's matted fur?

Your stylist will use all care and precautions during this procedure, but a matted pet may experience reactions such as hot spots and irritated or sensitive skin.  In addition, shaving the pet may reveal pre-existing skin conditions that were previously hidden beneath the matting.  Should a pre-existing skin condition require immediate medical attention, we will attempt to contact you to recommend a veterinarian attention.

Some coat types are more apt to mat than others. For example a soft undercoat when wet and not brushed and blow dried properly will definatly mat quickly.  To prevent this our company will set up a maintenence package that offers discounts to clients to keep on-going prebooked appointments for their special grooming needs that includes professional bath, brush and touch -up trims every 2-4 weeks to keep their pet fresh and mat free.

How does your de-shed treatment work?
This process directly targets the shedding coat. This is not your basic bath and brush.  It uses a special shampoo and conditioner to detach and remove the dead hairs on your pet’s coat in a 7 step process that includes:  brush or blow out, deep cleansing shampoo, rinse, de-shed shampoo, rinse, de-shed conditioner with 5 minute massage and brush or blow out, rinse, second blow out to dry then final brush out with special de-shedding tools.


Before and after de-shed treatment

Before and after de-shed treatment

My pet has fleas or ticks. What can I do?

There are 3 steps to end these pests:

  1. First step is a professional flea shampoo treatment to remove any pests on the pet.
  2. Second an application such as advantage or advantix should be applied on the pet to prevent reinfestation and is active on your pet for up to 30 days guaranteed.
  3. The third and equally important is to treat your pet’s environment.  A professional pest control should spray all affected areas of your home as well as washing all pet clothing and bedding in hot soapy water before the pet is returned home from grooming. The Petstyling Co. recommends making your pet’s flea and tick treatment appoinment while the environment at home is being treated.  This removes your pet during the spraying process and removes pests from your pet to prevent reinfesting the treated areas.
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